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Specialized Equipment

At Briway we pride ourselves on reaching past the given requirement, to exceed our Customer’s needs. We don’t just stop at providing the right equipment for the job - if the right equipment isn’t out there, we build it! We have been successfully designing specialized trailers to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations for the last 8 years. As you can see, we are equipped to meet your specific shipping needs.

Super Flat

The Super Flat was introduced 8 years ago, to meet the ever changing demands of the industry. This trailer allows us to move both higher and longer product, without the use of oversize permits. This in turn enables us, to more efficiently manage the shipping of our customer’s freight.

Super Steps

To contend with the issue in the Agricultural Industry of shipping the “ever growing” equipment – Briway introduced the Super Step – greatly impacting the existing Supply Chain Standard. We are able to effectively move the larger equipment safely and legally to the customer, while still being competitive - maximizing our shipments.

Light & Narrow Deck RGN’s

We rose to the challenge of reducing the weight of the existing RGN trailers, to still make it possible to move the main unit along with its accessories - all on the same load. This both speeds up the shipping process and reduces the cost, all while improving overall productivity - with even the largest of your equipment moves. With the addition of our Narrow Deck RGNs, we are also able to easily accommodate large tracked equipment – by lowering the height of the overall load.

Glass Mega Mover

Did you know that during the time of the Roman Empire, if totalled, all of the glass used would be equivalent to only one 30 story office building? Boy has the times changed! Briway has designed a trailer to transport the largest flat glass in production today. Bigger is truly better, and when it comes to glass we can make it happen.